customer experience management award winning cxm technology for car auto dealerships

Why did dealerships across the country vote for MAG, a F&I product provider, as Platinum Winner for Service Retention?

Answer: in an industry focused on PVR and CSI, MAG knows CXM is king.

CXM stands for Customer eXperience Management. CXM is taking over the auto industry and MAG is leading the revolution. This can be a very powerful tool for agents looking to put on new business or expand the level of service they provide. Every time a finance manager sells a back-end product – any back-end product – MAG leverages CXM to connect your dealer client to their customers in a powerful, unique way – delivering award-winning service retention. Dealers who go ‘all-in’ on MAG’s CXM program sell more policies. 

Let us show you how we do it.

Manage Your Customer Experience