Coming soon to a Service Drive near you!

With Lightning by Maximus Auto Group, it’s faster than ever to file & process a claim for your service drive customers. When customers who previously purchased a MAG vehicle protection product with their new car or truck from one of the participating program dealerships, you can use Lightning to verify their coverage protection, file a claim, get authorization and receive payment as quick as lightning!

Lightning Benefits:
  • Scan a VIN and advise the customer on the spot if they might have vehicle protection coverage
  • Start a new claim and in no time complete the process without a phone call or paperwork!
  • View the status of all current claims in the service drive
  • Manage assigned work in your service drive
  • Get near-realtime authorization to begin servicing the customer quicker
  • Converse with your claim representative through the in-app chat program
  • Add additional comments and photos to any open claim if necessary
  • Attach the completed RO workorder and get reimbursed more quickly!
  • View KPIs showing vehicle protection claims from your service drive
  • View previously paid claims up to 30 days

Lightning - by Maximus Auto Group, Inc.

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