A La Carte Products

Quick Glass

MAG Quick Glass protection prepares the windshield’s glass surface to accept the chemical induced fusion that occurs when the product is applied. This protection contains a molecular coupling agent that bonds with the glass surface. Fusing at the molecular level creates a hydrophobic layer by coating the natural glass pores and surface ridges. This nanotechnology improves the strength of the glass once the Quick Glass bond occurs. MAG Quick Glass creates a protective shield on the windshield glass that increases safety and visibility.

MAG Quick Glass was created to provide unprecedented protection to both vehicle and architectural glass.

  • Allows for easy removal of road grime and bugs
  • Protects against acid rain and water spots
  • Protects against scratches and glass corrosion
  • Lowers the friction coefficient of glass, there by deflecting more road debris
  • Improves visual clarity of automotive glass
  • Repels water, ice and snow
  • Strengthens the glass at the molecular level