RV Tire & Wheel

MAG’s RV Tire & Wheel protects you against costly repairs and expensive replacements.

Coverage for Your Tires & Wheels

Replacement tires for RVs and fifth wheels can cost between $250 and $900 each.

Nails, metal, wood, glass, potholes and other road debris can cause blowouts, flat tires and damage to your wheels and rims. There is no way to prevent them, but when you are covered by our RV Tire & Wheel, we will pay the bill to have your tires and/or wheels repaired or replaced.*

Exclusive Customer Benefits

Travel with ease without worrying about road hazard damage to your tires and wheels.
We cover tires and rims/wheels when there’s damage from a road hazard like nails, glass, potholes, rocks and other objects not normally found in the road.

  • A huge $10,000 aggregate policy limit
  • No mileage restrictions
  • Replaced tires and wheels are covered for the remainder of the term
  • Fully transferable to a subsequent owner

Roadside Assistance

Our RV Roadside Assistance benefit is included with your Tire & Wheel policy.

Emergency roadside assistance 24/7/365 coverage for:
● Flat tire assistance
● Emergency fluid/fuel delivery
● Dead battery jump start
● Lockout service
● Discounts and benefits
● Towing up to $300 per occurrence